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Projects & Programs.

Ecosystems. Collaboration. International Networks.

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Our projects and programs help creative ecoystem actors in producing and coordinating collborative RDI programs, projects and creative entrepreneurship development and enable creative innovations to emerge. Here are some issues to consider for tailoring your program needs.

  • What kind of knowledge and capabilities does your inititative require in the age of digitalisation and AI?

  • Are you missing a product, service, process, or a business model?

  • Who would be a suitable partner? Similarly, which networks do you need to be successful?

OCH programs and projects are built and implemented openly together with creators, entrepreneurs, universities, companies and industry associations. New initiatives follow the principles of open innovation, co-creation and creative design. Our solution-oriented projects cover the entire field from knowledge sharing, training, protyping to demonstrations in the fields of music, creative services and ecosystem development.


Projects & Co-creation.

Open Creative Ecosystem Hub (Business Finland)

MI-RAP (Interreg BSR)

EDU 3.0 (Creative Europe)

Valokeilassa (City of Espoo)



OCH is an effective and efficient co-creation partner for strategic research, development, and innovation activities. We build and support ecosystems to create competitiveness for the future, and boost new creative business creation and new international market entries.OCH co-creation services guarantee you faster time-to-market and increased number of ideas compared to working alone.

Co-creation concept protos

ATTMI ( 10 intl partners)

VIAPS (7 Finnish partners)

CREECO (Laurea)




Muusikkojen Liitto ry

Random Ventures Oy

Crazy Town Oy

Urban Mill

Sampo Accelerator

Lexia Asianajotoimisto Oy

Kasey Corporation Oy

Music Box Helsinki Oy

Grannenfelt Finance Oy

Kaiku Entertainment Oy

Filippa Advisors Oy

VisionPlus Holding Oy


The aim of the MI-RAP Finland ecosystem service is to

  • Co-create a common Vision and Roadmap to tackle the challenges, to capture the opportunities and start new collaboration innovation initiatives in music ecosystem and its vaöue-adding services businesses.

  • Facilitate cross-sectoral co-operation to jointly carry out market shaping activities for better operational environment

  • Identify knowledge gaps and and problem areas i order to prepare needed collaborative RDI projects to fill the gaps and challeneges

  • Connect with selected new international actors and networks

  • Collect and share information on intersting projects and relevant actors in Europe

Co-creation concept protos

ATTMI ( 10 intl partners)

VIAPS (7 Finnish partners)

CREECO (Laurea)




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