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For Open Creative House, it is a way of life and a given that business and creativity need and complement each other. Top talent need excellent facilities and the opportunity to meet each other, as well as proximity to business, international connections and creativity to get the best synergy for their business. We are Keilaniemi’s own colour spot, an oasis for multisectoral encounter and an international hub for creative industries, where new creative solutions are born, and top performers meet. Welcome!

Kari Mikkelä

Ecosystem Advisor

Elina Hynynen

HR Manager

Juha Hynynen

Business Support

Satu Simola

Communications & Operations Manager

Mirka Olkkola

Event Specialist

Heikki Vuorinen

Studio Manager

Anttu Koistinen

Business Hub & Marketing Manager

Tommi Kalenius

Music Hub Manager

Juka Hynynen

Founder & CEO



Muusikkojen Liitto ry

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Random Ventures Oy

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Crazy Town Oy

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Urban Mill

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Sampo Accelerator

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Lexia Asianajotoimisto Oy

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Kasey Corporation Oy

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Music Box Helsinki Oy

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Grannenfelt Finance Oy

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Kaiku Entertainment Oy

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Filippa Advisors Oy

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VisionPlus Holding Oy

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Projects & Programs.

Open Creative House helps the Finnish creative ecoystem actors in producing and coordinating collborative RDI programs, projects and creative entrepreneurship development. Our team and collaborative partners have extensive experience in academic-public-private program implementation on national and EU level. Read more of our projects and programs. 

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